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Purchase the right size condom

Before choosing a new condom or first changing brand and type, it is recommended to take a couple of measurements: circumference and length of the penis. The sizes of condoms are different and start from the standard models up to those for each size, ranging from 47 mm to 69, we can therefore talk about extra-small sizes up to extra-large. To find your perfect size it is therefore necessary to take the measurements, to avoid breakages during intercourse if you choose a size that does not fit your penis.

What types of condoms can you find on the site

There are many types of condoms on our online site, in addition to the classics you will also find the specials, the stimulants for her, the retardants for him, the flavours, the vegan line, and latex-free

You can buy packs of 3 units up to hundreds of units per pack, if you want to save on quantity and be sure you always have your quality condom with you at the right time and for the right occasion, visit our condoms section.

Remember that choosing your ideal condom is important if you want to have a satisfying sex life. Trying and finding to find the condom in tune with your body to meet all your needs.