Can I give a Sexy Gift Card with an amount different from those set as a gift?

No, the amounts of our Sexy Gift Cards cannot be changed. If you want a custom amount please contact us.

Does the Sexy Gift Card expire?

No, you can always use it and it has no expiry date.

How is the Sexy Gift Card sent to my * recipients *?

The Sexy Gift Card that you gave to your recipient will be sent by e-mail to the address you indicated when filling in your message.

How do you use the Sexy Gift Card?

When you buy a Remedia Amoris Sexy Gift Card, your recipient receives a CODE that he must enter at the checkout, so first he inserts his favorite products in the cart and at the order summary he will enter the code of the SEXY GIFT CARD he received as a gift from you (this amount becomes “credit without expiry”). In this way, the amount you gave her will be credited to the total of her cart.

Can I also use a Discount Voucher / Coupon with the Sexy Gift Card?

Yes, you can use the discount voucher / coupon by entering the code in the DISCOUNT CODE box in the cart.