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AXIS Electro Stimulation Kit

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AXIS Electro Stimulation Kit

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AXIS Electro Stimulation Kit

The AXIS luxury electrostimulator from ElectraStim is a high-spec dual-output electrical stimulation power box and is the world’s first to incorporate multiple input sensors for a truly customizable electrical stimulation experience.

Control AXIS with touch buttons, a wrist movement, a hand movement, the sound of your voice, or even the proximity of your partner’s body. AXIS gives you the freedom to control electronic play your way. The only limit is your imagination! The revolutionary technology inside this advanced electronic stimulator is a world first in the electro-sex category, and nothing like this has ever been attempted before. AXIS has user-updatable firmware, and we have retained a variety of features that will be unlocked in the future, so if there aren’t already enough things to do with the AXIS stimulator, there is also much to look forward to in the future.

Note: To ensure you choose a stimulator with sufficient power for your accessories, we always recommend checking our Compatibility Chart.
High-spec dual-channel electrostimulator: use up to 4 accessories at once

  • 99 intensity levels: will power even the largest toy!
  • 7 play modes: choose from Wave, Pulse, Flick, Tilt, Proximity, Microphone, or Line Input
  • Over 40 preprogrammed patterns: a wide variety of built-in wave/pulse patterns
  • Proximity sensor: the closer you are to the AXIS, the higher the intensity.
  • Gesture sensor: control intensity, change the pattern, or switch modes with just a hand movement. Perfect if you have reduced dexterity during play.
  • Audio Play: control stimulation with your favorite music or the sound of your voice.
  • USB rechargeable battery: environmentally friendly high-capacity battery (charged with micro USB)
  • User-updatable firmware: free lifetime updates. Windows and Mac applications available.*

*Please note that the outer casing of the special edition AXIS designs is made of the same plastic as the regular AXIS with a water-immersed design.

IPO Patent Number: GB2568923

  • Outputs:

AXIS has two isolated outputs, each of which can be controlled independently to suit different parts of the body or players with different sensitivity levels. You can connect 2 bipolar toys or 4 unipolar toys at once. This advanced e-stim stimulator features the same output power as our popular SensaVox unit; this time divided into 99 distinct intensities to provide anything from a gentle tickle to a full contraction. Experienced electricity enthusiasts will appreciate not only the power level but also the smooth and concise delivery of each wave or pulse.

  • Game Modes:

With no less than 7 different game modes, AXIS will ensure that your electrostimulation sessions are a truly immersive experience.

  • Wave: for those who want the work to be done for them, we’ve incorporated our most popular wave and massage patterns. Simply select the one you want to try, set your intensity, and AXIS will do the rest. Choose from 11 different wave patterns.
  • Pulse: these patterns provide a bolder style of stimulation where higher intensity levels make you clench and contract. Choose from 12 different pulse patterns.
  • Flick: our patented Flick mode that made its debut in our namesake stimulator is back and better than ever. The high-spec AXIS triple accelerometer means the Flick mode responds better than ever, so you can enjoy “virtual spanks” or “virtual handjobs” when combined with the right attachment. Choose from 5 different Flick options.
  • Tilt: it does what it says on the tin! The Tilt mode responds to the position of AXIS along the horizontal axis. Tilt the unit forward to increase the intensity to the maximum level you’ve set, or tilt it backward to decrease the intensity. This way, you can build your own custom patterns that respond to the angle of AXIS. Place AXIS on your body using the removable belt clip to rock your own custom theme! Choose from 5 different Tilt options.
  • Proximity: Do you love the feeling of sharing electric sensations with your partner but wish the control was a bit more natural in the heat of the moment, and you could create your own stimulation patterns? The Proximity mode allows you to set your maximum intensity level and then create your own patterns using the sensor on the front of the advanced AXIS e-stim stimulator. You can simply move a hand towards and away from the unit to play with stimulation, but the real fun begins when you use your partner’s body proximity to control sensations.

The Proximity mode means that each wave, thrust, or movement in front of the sensor will send a uniquely synchronized stimulation to the connected accessories. The closer a part of you is to the sensor, the more intense the stimulation. Set the desired intensity for each channel and then use Proximity to manipulate the ebb and flow of stimulation. The closer you get, the stronger the sensations. The only limit to this mode is your imagination. Try placing AXIS between you and your partner during sex to control electrostimulations with the proximity of your bodies! Choose from 5 different Proximity options.

  • Microphone: The built-in microphone in AXIS means that using your voice to control e-stim sensations is easier than ever. The microphone has such high fidelity that we needed to add 10 sensitivity levels to meet your exact needs and scenarios. Choose from 5 different microphone options.
  • Line In: Digital signal processing technology takes audio control to a whole new level with stereo stimulation input. This mode allows you to play your favorite songs or specialized electro audio patterns from a phone, computer, or other device to control AXIS. There are literally unlimited possibilities for patterns and sequences when using stereo sound input. Choose from 5 different line input options.
  • Gesture Mode: In addition to using the touch control buttons to control AXIS, you can also do so with touchless gestures. When in Gesture mode, each feature of AXIS can be manipulated with a hand movement. Move your hand vertically upwards over the unit to increase the intensity of both channels, or shake it downwards to decrease both channels. A leftward side gesture increases the intensity of channel 1, while the same rightward movement will increase the intensity of channel 2. You can also scroll through menus and change patterns with these gestures. We’ve even incorporated a “Practice gestures” feature so you can master it before trying it for real. The buttons will still work normally in Gesture mode but give you the option to avoid touching the unit at all. Perfect if you have sticky or busy hands! Like with the Proximity mode, you don’t need to use your hand to use this mode. Any distinct movement in front of the sensor will work, be it a hand, an arm, a leg, or a spanking paddle.

NOTE: If you’re experiencing “unusual” behavior with your AXIS, it’s highly likely that you’ve left it in Gesture mode, and it’s responding to movement. Watch this video for instructions on how to resume normal operation.

Environmentally friendly and 100% performance, 100% of the time:

AXIS features an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery that easily recharges with the supplied USB cable. A battery charge indicator constantly monitors AXIS usage to give you an accurate idea of how much power is left at your current stimulation level. Depending on usage, the advanced AXIS e-stim stimulator can provide up to 8 hours of play on a single charge and will recharge to 80% in less than an hour. Unlike other devices on the market, AXIS has a regulated output that will provide the same amount of stimulation and won’t unexpectedly drop, regardless of the battery level. For example, level 10 will always feel the same whether you have 99% or 9% battery left.

  • Upgradeable:

We’ve designed AXIS to provide you with many years of happy electronic play, so the firmware will be updated periodically to provide new patterns, new features, and improve performance. All you’ll need to do is connect it to a PC/laptop or Mac using the included micro USB cable and follow the instructions provided at eu.electrastim.com/axis to quickly and easily ensure you have the latest firmware version installed.

  • Accessible:

Not only is it very fun to experiment with gesture-based and proximity modes within the AXIS stimulator, but they have also been developed with accessibility in mind. Users with reduced dexterity who may find traditional button or dial controls uncomfortable will be able to control AXIS hands-free in the heat of the moment. A few buttons need to be pressed to get started, but once these advanced motion sensors are activated, these modes are very easy to operate.

  • Technology:

With a high-speed 32-bit ARM Cortex microprocessor, the advanced AXIS e-stim stimulator can process real-time input data and translate it into ultra-smooth and high-quality stimulation signals. Multiple internal timers and communication interfaces have allowed us to integrate a revolutionary proximity/gesture sensor, a 12-bit triple-axis accelerometer, and a battery fuel gauge, all displayed on a bright and sharp OLED graphical screen. Like our Flick and Flick Duo stimulators, AXIS has a fully regulated output control circuit, meaning stimulation levels do not decrease when the internal battery is discharged. Whether you use the built-in microphone for voice control or the line input to use sound files on your computer or smartphone, you can be assured of purist sound control thanks to the implementation of DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms.

  • Patent Pending:

We believe that the contactless stimulation control features are so unique and fun that we’ve invested in protecting them throughout Europe and the U.S.

  • Peace of Mind:

The ElectraStim AXIS Luxury e-stim stimulator comes with a standard 1-year warranty that can be extended to 3 years for free. All warranty registration applicants will also be contacted directly when new firmware updates are available.

  • Dual Output
  • 99 intensity levels
  • 7 game modes. Over 40 options.
  • OLED graphical display
  • Motion control modes (Flick & Tilt)
  • Sound control modes (microphone and line input)
  • Proximity and Gesture modes
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charge from 0 to 80% in less than an hour)
  • Adhesive electro-pads included
  • User upgradeable (firmware loader for Windows and Mac available)


  • Wave/Pulse Modes: Preprogrammed patterns that showcase a variety of sensations (11 waves/12 pulses).
  • Flick Mode: Inherited from our EM60 unit, our patented Flick mode uses the internal accelerometer. Literally turn the unit (like cracking a whip!) to give a virtual touch of intensity to the connected accessory. 5 varieties.
  • Tilt: Tilt AXIS to precisely control the sensation. 5 varieties.
  • Proximity: Control the stimulation with the literal proximity of the unit to your body.
  • Microphone: AXIS responds to external sounds/voices through a built-in microphone. 5 varieties.
  • Line Input: Use direct line input audio (from any audio source with a 3.5mm headphone jack) to control the stimulation. 4 varieties.

AXIS comes in a branded storage case that also has a small amount of additional storage space.

Included in the case:




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