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Ampex P-Spot Anal Massager with Thrusting

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Ampex P-Spot Anal Massager with Thrusting

At Tardenoche we know that anal stimulation is a part of sexuality that we love to experience, that is why we have brought Ampex, a unique and unmatched prostate stimulator.

Ampex is a prostate massager for the P point with telescopic movement. Yes yes, as you have read, with telescopic movement.

Ampex is an anal stimulator, with an ideal shape for stimulation of the P point and prostate. It has two powerful motors, which are responsible for making you enjoy these functions to the fullest:

  • 10 intense vibration functions: you can feel these 10 modes throughout the entire body of Ampex, whether through the upper or lower tip.
  • 5 thrusting or telescopic movement functions: this function is ideal for the most daring, since the Ampex upper part moves up and down to hit exactly where you like most with 5 levels.

Like its Tardenoche companions, Ampex has been created with liquid silicone, this is ideal, since it has extra softness, and does not have any areas with grooves or parts that could make it uncomfortable to use.

Ampex also has a magnetic USB rechargeable remote control, ideal for us, if we wish, to have the power and control of the situation, you will be the owner of the room, or wherever you are. Pleasure is not an option with Ampex.

Remember to properly clean your toy with neutral soap and water and dry it well to maximize its useful life and use your favorite water-based lubricant for an extra wet experience, enter our Nanami brand to discover your favorite.


  • Stimulates the P point and prostate
  • 5 thrusting or telescopic movement functions
  • 10 intense vibration functions
  • 2 powerful motors
  • With remote control
  • Independent functions
  • High quality silicone
  • Magnetic USB rechargeable controller and Ampex
  • Raincoat
  • Measurements: 13.7 cm x 11.9 cm



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