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Book Dare… With Swingers


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Book Dare… With Swingers

An indispensable guide for the practice of this phenomenon that has more and more followers. The evolution of the phenomenon, visits to the places of exchange and description of the love practices …

Dare with the exchange of couples is a practical and useful guide that invites us to visit the various places of exchange of couples, to search through classified ads for other people who want to exchange and also offers us detailed descriptions of the different love activities. In addition, he explains the history of this phenomenon from its inception to the present day and tells us about the risks and consequences that this practice can entail. It is a subject, which although it has been practiced for many years, the most recent magazines and books have only dealt with it superficially. And now Hélène Barbe offers us a true compendium.


  • Spanish Language
  • No. of pages: 109



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