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Couples Game Fantasy Affairs (EN ES)

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Couples Game Fantasy Affairs (EN ES)

The Fantasy Affairs game has various adventure settings. You will be able to perform different roles such as being a client of a strip club eager to have a private performance. Whatever your fantasy with this game, you can make it happen in a safe, creative and sexually satisfying way.

The most unique element of this game is creative kissing exploration. Have you ever swept your lashes past your lovers cheek before a kiss to offer a butterfly kiss? Now you have the opportunity to learn 36 new ways to kiss your partner and at the same time participate in foreplay and fantastic adventure scenarios.

It includes:

  • Instructions
  • 1 Game board
  • 36 Fantasy Affair Cards
  • 36 Creative Kiss Cards
  • 104 Heart Cards
  • 10 Heart Tokens
  • 2 Game marks
  • 1 dice



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