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Cream XS Reducer Man 200 ml

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Cream XS Reducer Man 200 ml

Product that acts against localized fat, especially in the area of ??the abdomen and the contour of the waist with a high effectiveness. Its active ingredients, such as the act, the carnitine and the cafeteria, improve the tone of the skin, shape the figure and help in weight loss. All that contributes to a reduction of the entire contour of the body, besides helping to eliminate possible stretch marks.

This cream acts as a body fat burner, promoting the elimination of accumulations in the adipose tissue and decreasing the contour of the abdomen and the sensation of fat. In addition, it manages to stimulate blood flow and prevent fluid retention.

Men are prone to an accumulation of fat in the abdomen, being the main rebel areas. This cream, in addition to being an anti-cellulite and reducing cream, has a diuretic function and acts as a fat-burning, so it is the perfect complement to a weight loss diet.

After two weeks of use the abdomen can be reduced, with observable results and at the end of a month the results are truly visible. It also fights cellulite and the accumulation of liquids to promote the loss of fat and weight. All this thanks to its natural components and active ingredients such as Caffeine, Carnitine, Centella asiatica or Actinium, among others.

It is recommended to apply the cream for cellulite and reduction at least once a day at night in the abdomen and waist. It can also be applied just before physical exercise.

Ingredients: Caffeine: does not accumulate in the body and has a diuretic function that helps eliminate liquids. Carnitine: accelerates the oxidation process of fatty acids, so that more energy is generated and the body burns more. Centella asiatica: helps eliminate localized liquids, fights cellulite and reduces orange peel skin by increasing collagen. Actigym: synthesizes adiponectin to favor the use of glucose by the cells and the oxidation of fatty acids. It helps to redefine the figure and to reduce the abdomen. Methyl Nicotinate: improves blood circulation and makes it absorb better the other components.


  • 200 ml
  • topically
  • Eliminate localized fat in abdomen and waist
  • Help in weight life and shape the figure
  • Reduce cellulite



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