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Masturbator Dual Feel Cup

Masturbator Dual Feel Cup

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Masturbator Dual Feel Cup

Dual Feel Cup is an hourglass-shaped masturbator that has totally separate cavities for maximum hygiene.

Its Bitter Side “Bitter Side” (Red) offers you a strong narrowing while its Sweet Side “Sweet Side” (Silver) will gently wrap your penis and the inverted nubs will allow a smooth entry while stimulating at the exit . Its “Bumpy zone” grips you with vigor while its “Step zone” gradually increases the intensity. The central wall tickles the back of the penis and has an insertion mechanism called “Smooth Pad”. It is a soft and smooth pad that applies the lubricant from the beginning of the insertion, at the same time offering you additional adhesion, less loss of lubricant and a greater hermeticity.


  • Hourglass shaped masturbator.
  • It has completely separate cavities for maximum hygiene.
  • Bitter side: offers a strong narrowing.
  • Sweet side: gently envelops the penis.
  • Inverted nubs for smooth entry and exhilarating exit.
  • It grips you vigorously and gradually increases the intensity.
  • Smooth Pad Mechanism
  • Simulates vaginal and anal penetration.
  • It has no air hole for suction.
  • Each side offers you a different sensation.
  • A single use in each cavity.
  • Lubricant included.




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