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Pheroman Concentrate Odorless 20 ml


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Pheroman Concentrate Odorless 20 ml

The Feroman Concentrate without aroma increases the production of “androstadienona” by 269% to achieve in a few minutes an extraordinary power that will awaken in women an irresistible desire. A product that will help you boost and release your own pheromones, becoming a unique symbol of seduction.

Pheromones are odorless and consciously undetectable natural substances that trigger a deep sexual response in the brain of those who come in contact with them that is related to sexual attraction. Its production and secretion are natural processes and regulated hormonally by stimuli of the nervous system that reach the cells of the apocrine glands and sebaceous sebaceous.

Feroman concentrates the property of modulating its own production of pheromones upwards through the synergic action of its components, increasing the production of androstadienone by 269%. Its action is almost immediate. You will feel more sure of yourself, more attractive and desired, and you will gain more confidence to act and seduce. The product is designed to activate in man the powerful action of the synthesis of his own pheromones.

It is the natural alternative to increase the production of your own androstadienone. It has no smell, it is compatible with perfume or cologne waters for personal and habitual use without altering the aromas.




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