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Spheres Set of 2 Kegel Balls


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Spheres Set of 2 Kegel Balls

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Spheres Set of 2 Kegel Balls

The Adalet family welcomes the Spheres set.

Made of the highest quality silicone, these Kegel balls are perfect for exercising your vaginal muscles in a safe and effective manner. This set includes 2 balls, each with a weight so you can start exercising your vaginal muscles according to your needs.

But why is it so important to exercise the pelvic floor and your vaginal muscles? The pelvic floor consists of the muscles that support the weight of our pelvic organs and tends to weaken with events in daily life, such as pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle, or menopause.

By exercising these muscles, we make them stronger, preventing problems such as urinary leakage and enhancing the quality and power of orgasms. Remember to clean the balls first with a good toy cleaner to optimize their lifespan.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with the smaller and lighter ball, the 25g one, a single Kegel ball, rounded for very comfortable insertion, and with a silicone cord for easy removal.

  • Lie down on the bed or on a mat, wherever you’re most comfortable, and insert the balls about 2 cm into the vagina, without inserting them too deeply. If needed, you can use a water-based lubricant for better insertion. It’s crucial that you are relaxed, control your breathing, and relax your vagina.
  • Once you have control over the lighter ball, you can switch to the double 45g ball. To ensure the ball change, make sure the ball you leave behind shouldn’t weigh anything.

To perform the exercises correctly, you’ll need consistency in the usage time, meaning if you do contractions for 3 seconds with the ball, you should rest for 3 seconds. If you need more rest between each contraction, don’t worry, take the time you need.

It’s recommended to do a set of 10 repetitions per day, but as we’ve already mentioned, at your own pace, gradually until you can reach 10 repetitions.


  • With the ball in the vagina, contract your muscles (as if you were cutting off the flow of urine) trying to lift the ball.
  • Maintain the contraction for 2 to 10 seconds (according to your needs) while breathing deeply.
  • Release the air and the contraction and rest for the same time you held the contraction.


  • Set of 2 Kegel balls
  • Soft silicone cord
  • High-quality silicone
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Waterproof

Weights and dimensions:

  • Double ball: 19 cm x 3.2 cm – 45g
  • Single ball: 14 cm x 3.2 cm – 25g



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