How to stimulate a clito

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How to stimulate a clito

6 different techniques that you can combine!

TAP TAP  Consists of lightly tapping the clitoral area with the fingertips.

SPIRAL Not just on the clitoris, but all over the vulva, try lubricating your fingers and using them to draw spirals of different sizes on your most sensitive areas!

ZIG-ZAG Try zigzagging with two or all your fingers, applying a little pressure.

UP and DOWN The up and down motion is ideal for direct and intense stimulation of the clitoris. You can also experiment with the palm of your hand.

FOCUS Focus your attention on the glans of the clitoris only (this technique is not recommended for those with excessive sensitivity).

HOT/COLD Play with temperatures by stimulating with ice or cold hands, a water jet or by using hot or cold gel.

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