Guide to Buying Intimate Lubricants: How to Choose the Right One for You

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A Guide to Buying Intimate Lubricants


Lubricants are an essential accessory for couples who want to improve their sex life because they can make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable, especially during erotic massages. In this article we will explore the characteristics of the most popular lubricants and how to choose the most suitable one for erotic massages as water based lubricant, oil based lubricants, body massage oil and cream, silicone based lubricant,and more.

Water-based lubricant

These vaginal lubrication products are the most common on the market and are also the safest to use with condoms. They are easily washable and leave no sticky residue. They also exist with particular sensations such as  cold effect lubricants or hot effect lubricants

Silicone based lubricants

These lubricants are longer lasting and suitable for more intense sexual intercourse. They do not evaporate like water-based lubes and can be used in water. However, they are not compatible with silicone condoms and can make your skin slippery, making them more difficult to hold during intercourse.

Oil-based lubricants

These lubricants can be very effective, but are not safe to use with latex condoms. They can be more difficult to remove.

Then there are the perfect lubricants for erotic massage. Browse through our entire collection of body massage Oils and Creams and discover their characteristics, effects, sensations and aromas, and choose the ones that suit you best!

To choose the right lubricant, it is important to consider your personal preferences and the specific needs of the couple during sexual intercourse. One recommendation: if you use latex condoms, it is advisable to choose a water-based lubricant . If you are looking for a long-lasting lubricant, one a silicon base could be the right choice. For anal penetration, those with a relaxing effect or anal lubricants with particular characteristics for each one are indicated. In any case, it is always important that you read product labels and follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure a safe and effective experience of intense pleasure. Lubricants are an essential product for couples and can make erotic massages more comfortable and sexual intercourse much more enjoyable.

Vegan Lubricants

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