Why do people do orgasm fakes?

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Why do people do orgasm fakes ?

Let us dispel a myth: even those who have a penis can fake an orgasm, because orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. They are two different events that can happen at the same time.

From here we can understand that it is not so difficult to fake it if we want to.

But why do it

Let's talk about it!

According to the 


 these are the people who have faked an orgasm at least once in their lives.

 58.8% of people with vagina


25% of people with penis

But what are the reasons for faking an orgasm

1) Because the fear of reaching it prevents the orgasm from coming.
The situation becomes frustrating for us and our partners, and faking it seems the easiest solution.


2) To put a quicker end to unpleasant or disappointing relationships.


In these cases it is better to STOP!


3) In order not to disappoint the stupid social expectations about sex : “it is only in the presence of  orgasmo”


or to disappoint the expectations of the partner.


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4) Because you don’t want to hurt the other person’s self-esteem and make them think they are good in bed.



5) To experience/simulate a synchronised orgasm, which in the collective mind is the ultimate expression of chemistry between partners.



6) To avoid overly intimate or awkward post-relationship conversations.



If a relationship is meant to grow over time, pretending is hardly functional!

Better to have a sincere conversation in which we explain how we feel and what would really give us pleasure.
“Chemistry between people is created, it is not always innate”.

Besides, orgasm is not the goal: you can have a fulfilling sexual life regardless of orgasm. 


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